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The number of people infected with dengue fever in 2023 in Thailand has increased more than threefold.

The number of people infected with dengue fever in 2023 has increased more than threefold.

According to the Department of Disease Control (DDC), Thailand recorded 153,734 cases of dengue fever in the past year. For comparison, in 2022, only 45,145 cases were reported.

In 2023, the death toll from dengue fever reached 168 individuals, with 47 of them being younger than 15 years old.

Most deaths were associated with factors such as delayed hospitalization (occurring four days after the onset of the illness), obesity, underlying health conditions, alcoholism, and the patients' use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

Experts warn that if the situation with the number of infections does not improve, the figures for Dengue cases in 2024 could significantly rise.

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